Chong Lee

Hello! My name’s Chong and I’m a photographer based in the sunny city of Perth, Western Australia. An accountant by day, I’m Batman by night. Wait no, that’s not right. I do, however, love taking photos. My passion with photography started with my desire to documents my holidays and adventures. Soon it turned into a full blown passion, with me dipping my toes in a little bit of everything - landscapes, astrophotography, travel photography, etc. It wasn’t until I started photographing people that my passion for photography went on another level..


I love capturing moments in life and have always had a knack for documenting the fleeting moments around me. To me, photography is about more than just the photo, it’s the emotions and feelings that it can render from just looking at a photo. I strive to capture unposed and unguarded moments for this reason, and to tell the story of your day in a genuine way.

Aside from photography, I love bubble tea! (Presotea is the best if you’re wondering) I’m an avid gamer as well so hit me up, I’m always down for a game of Overwatch. I’m also a dog lover, but am impartial to cats. They just don’t like me. Aside from shooting people, I also love shooting animals and pets. If I’m not out shooting people, I will usually be out shooting animals as a volunteer photographer for Shutter Paws.

So that’s the story of who I am and what I’m about, what’s yours?


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